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2007 League Standings

3-Man League

July-August League has ended. But be prepared for 2008 leagues, check back for more news soon.


General Rules
1.Maximum velocity of 280 fps.
2.Each player may only play for one team in the tournament.
3.Any player removing himself from the game due to marker malfunction will count as an elimination.
4.Markers may only be shot in the designated areas, the playing field and chrono area.
5.Barrel covers must be used outside of the designated areas.
6.Absolutely NO Blind Fire. Look where you are aiming.

Game Rules
1. Paint checks will not stop tourney play. It will be the responsibility of the refs to constantly check the players.
2. A hit is defined as a quarter-sized or larger paint mark. (shell or no shell). On a player or any equipment belonging to a player.
3. No distance rule
4. Any player who calls "hit" or "out" is eliminated no exceptions.
5. No electronic communication devices will be allowed on the field.
6. Any player who talks or continues to play after being called “out” will be penalized by having one of his players pulled. An eliminated player cannot talk.
7. Each player must go directly to his team’s “dead box” once eliminated and stay there until game is over.
8. All equipment carried onto the field must be kept on your person
except empty pods.
9. Players must start with barrels touching the starting point.

1.All markers will be .68 cal. CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen
2. No fully autos and no auto-response triggers, no bounce (only one shot per trigger pull).
3. No tools of any type will be allowed on the field.
4. Field Paint Only.
5. No Hawaiian (bright multi-colored) shirts.
6. No guile suits or excessively loose clothing.
7. Every marker must have a barrel cover.
8. All harnesses, loaders, belts, etc. must be worn on the outside of
players' uniforms.
9. No excessive padding.
10. Unaltered, full-face mask must be worn. (Coverage for eyes, ears, nose & mouth.)
1. Each team will play three games a night.
2. Each series of three games counts as a match.
3. The team who wins best of three wins the match and will get marked down as one win.


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