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BP Paintball


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Currently we only have one playing field, so on regular walk-in days we will only be offering Speedball. For private parties, feel free to request any other game.

Two teams, open field, with only artificial bunkers to hide behind. Once your hit, you are out until the next round. Very fast paced so move quickly!!
Two teams on the field with artificial bunkers to hide behind. One team, the Indians, enters first and hides anywhere on the field. The Cowboys enter the field to look for and eliminate the Indians. There is a time limit, based on number of players, for the Cowboys to defeat the Indians. Stay alive until the horn, the team with the most players left wins.
A few players are picked to be mustangs, and the rest are broke horses. The wild mustang team gets to shoot broke horse they want, while the broke horse try to get their wild cousins. If a mustang hits a broke horse, the horse is set free and becomes a mustang again. It takes 3 hits to eliminate a mustang. New mustangs must be given 30 seconds to get on their arm band. Game starts at the sound of the horn, and ends when the horn sounds again. The team with the most players remaining is the winner.
For every one Indian team member, there is five Buffalo team members. One team, the Indians, are assigned a spot by the Referee and must stay in their designated spot until the second whistle sounds. They must start the game with only 5 balls each, and may only reload when the Referee sounds the whistle.  The other team, the Buffalo, will be unarmed and at the starting horn must run from one end of the field to the other, where their markers are waiting. When all the buffalo get to their markers, the Referee will sound the whistle and they may turn and attack the Indians, who are allowed to reload and move about the field. The team with the most players remaining after 5 minutes wins, or when there is only one team left.
There are two flags, one in front of each team base. All you have to do is get your

opponent's flag back to your base while defending your own. Team work is the only way to win this one, so have a plan ready.


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