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Tournament Registration Form

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General Rules For FREE Tournament  Sept 11th 2010

1. 3 Member Teams

  1. Open to age 13 and up
  2. Players under age of 18 MUST have waiver signed by legal Guardian. If guardian is not at tournament must have waver Notarized.
  3. Not open to any one that has played in any Tournament or Pro event
  4. All players must use field markers and paint.

6. Field goggles will be supplied but player may use own goggles.
7. Each player may only play for one team in the tournament.
7. Markers may only be shot in the designated areas, the playing field and chrono area.
8. Barrel covers must be used outside of the designated areas.

9. Single elimination. Play until your team loses.

10. Return registration forms to the Granton C store by Closing September 10th

11. If odd number of teams register the 1st team registering will get a first round bye

Game Rules

1. One hit and player is eliminated.

  1. A hit is defined as a quarter-sized or larger paint mark. (shell or no shell). On a player or any equipment belonging to a player.
  2. If paintball bounces off player or equipment and does not break player is not eliminated. If this happens and unsure if paintball broke call for Paint Check.
  3. Paint checks will not stop tourney play. The refs will be constantly checking the players.
  4. Any player who calls "hit" or "out" is eliminated- no exceptions.
  5. When eliminated player is to stand up with both hands in air and go directly to teams dead box and remain there until game is over.
  6. Any one who continues to fire on an eliminated player will also be eliminated.
  7. Any player who talks or continues to play after being called "out" will be penalized by having one of his players pulled. An eliminated player cannot talk.
  8. Each player will be supplied with 1 hopper full of paint for each game. When player is out of paint they are eliminated. Player cannot share or give paint to other team members.
  9. If a marker malfunctions, Player will be eliminated.
  10. DO NOT reuse paint balls that are spilled or on ground, dirty paintballs jam and damage markers.
  11. No electronic communication devices will be allowed on the field.
  12. NO FIRING of markers behind line across each end of field.
  13. Game is started with player touching markers on dead zone net, Ref will say Game starts in 5, silently count to 5 and blow whistle to start game.
  14. All games will last 5 minutes or until all players on one team are eliminated, if still playing at the end of 5 minutes team with most player’s left will win. In the event of a tie, game will be restarted with remaining players for another 5 minutes or until one team is eliminated.
  15. If ref shouts "TIME OUT" stop firing immediately,stay where you are at and listen for instructions
  16. Game is over when ref shouts "THAT’S GAME" Stop firing, put markers on safe, install barrel cover and leave field.
  17. Players MUST keep goggles on at all times EVEN when in dead zone. Play will be stopped if a player removes their goggles.
  18. NO blind firing, You Must look were you are shooting.
  19. No shooting anyone closer than twenty feet, if you come up on an opponent and they don’t know your there last one to yell "TAG" is eliminated.
  20. This is for FUN. Poor sports and bad attitudes will not be tolerated.

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